Friday, December 12, 2008

What is in a name?

Why is it that regardless of how complicated or simple a new project is, if there is more than one opinion (read person) picking a name is the most difficult and arduous process. I guess because this is my first blog entry I should give a little background on my "new" project. I say new because I have been part of a team of 3 other guys that is planning, no trying, no, will be entering in the 24 Hours of LeMons race. - "Each LeMons race is for cars purchased, fixed up, and track-prepped for a total of 500 dollars or less. "

Well on to the subject of the post. So the team has been going back and forth on a team name and concept. And for (let's call it) two months we have been trying to come up with a name, to no avail. I have Pick Name Fatigue, so the other three guys are allegedly getting together today in a couple of hours to pick a name. I have my fingers crossed but we will see as the names have been all over the board (see the names in the hat below).

So here is the amazing thing. We have not been able to pick a name, but we have been able to find, buy, and tow (yeah that's right the car is not even drivable. YET), a 1987 BMW 325i. This should be interesting.

- Introducing the "KILLER new-Bs" - NOW with Rasta flavor!
- International car of mystery (ICM)
- International lime of mystery (ILM)
- International junk of mystery (IJM)
- Trash-Atlantic Invaders
- Trash-Atlantic Bombers
- Trash-Atlantic Virgins
- Trash-Atlantic Newbees
- Trash-Atlantic Death Racers
- Trash-Atlantic Trashers
- Trash-Atlantic Drinkers
- bee movie (yellow black stripes)
- beemoved
- movbee
- bailout beemer
- beem me up
- beezarre
- beezar
- Slow and Sober: Pretty good but I think we would need "Fast and Furious" either struck thru or "Slow and Sober" painted over it.
- Met in Prison - could be funny because we could paint the car "Prison Orange" and all wear black and white stripes
- Geek Squad - could be funny because we could dress up like the best buy guys or whatever. Better if we had bought a bug.
- The Recessions
-TARP funded racing
- Bailout BMW
- Big Money Wasted (BMW)
- Blasphemous Motorized Wreck (BMW)
- Combobulated Racing

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  1. oh quit complaining already. We picked a name, it's Prison Break Racing! We are officialy entered and looking forward to starting work on the BMW soon. Gotta get that thing drivable asap.